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Message from the Chairman, Mr. Brian K.B. Corners

            On behalf of the FlyEd Co., Ltd. staff, welcome to FlyEd travel web site. Our website aims to provide the information at certain level required for the school administration, staffs, teachers, parents, researchers and students in addition to fulfilling the Field trip Information requirements. Additionally, other visitors might obtain the facts and information of our destinations whereas some students might search for some vocabularies for a particular topic such as "threshing" from topic "buffalo and rice farming.

            As we consider that field trip and outdoor activity is one of a crucial factor to enhance development of student in the aspect of intelligence, integrity and emotion, for more than three years we have been incessantly trying to develop the scope and sphere of our outdoor education programs both field trip and its curriculum manual. We aim to provide high quality educational tours and activities for the students and at the same time imbue them with the qualities of humanism so that they can live and work harmoniously with others in their future society.

            With the pursuit of knowledge through our company preparatory field trip, we hope you will seriously consider our team for your student’s knowledge, personal development and future success.


                                                                                         Brian K.B. Corners

                                                                                    Chairman of FlyEd travel