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Fly-Ed Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the organization of educational tours in Thailand. Our programs are for both Thai and International students, whether they are here or overseas.

Our pedagogic philosophy is to embrace dynamic learning by providing opportunities for the merger of both classroom and practical skills. Our programs are designed for lessons in the field to give students a 'real life' experiences. In addition we believe that by combining learning with entertainment we can motivate students to excel and develop permanent, long-lasting skills and knowledge for many years to come.

For these reasons, we arrange all of our trips and activities under the concept of 'edutainment'. We have carefully selected places that we believe are the most compatible with the suggested topics of study. We also have collated useful knowledge and information concerning the selected geographic areas, local peoples, their culture, ecology and environment. This is because we believe that Humans, the Environment and Cultures are inextricably linked and related to each other. It is our objective to present the interaction of these 3 components, Humanity (people), Environment (biodiversity, flora and fauna) and Culture (tradition, custom, way of life festival and arts) of the selected places to the students.

For instance, the students will see:

  • How the buffaloes and farmers rely on each other.
  • How elephants work and are trained by mahout.
  • How the temples are built in different art styles.
  • How people live self sufficiently in the forest.

We are honored to be representatives for the local people of Thailand and to act as mediators in passing on their local knowledge and the skills to all students.

Finally, we sincerely aim to significantly contribute to your students' repertoire of knowledge and future success.